CROWN Lesson1 Section3 練習問題



Lesson1 Section 3 本文を使った長文問題





We were very busy with ①(     ) experiments.  However, we also had time for some ②(     ) experiments.  I tried arm wrestling with a Canadian astronaut.  (A)To our surprise, both our bodies started to spin around.  In another experiment, I tried calligraphy.  I used too much ink, but it didn’t ③(     ).  My favorite experiment was the “magic carpet.” I put tape on my feet to ④(     ) to a carpet.  It (あ)worked like magic: I was flying in space!


One final word.  (ア)Go into space is a frightening experience.  There are many dangers.  So why do I go into space?  I do it because it is a ⑤(     ) and because it is important for humanity.  Astronauts from around the world are (い)working together.  Through this experience, (B)I ( to / came / in / our / believe / common humanity ) as citizens of the earth.  Remember that each one of us is a crew member of Spaceship Earth.


❶①〜⑤の(  )に入る語を  から選び、適切な英語にして入れなさい。(2点×5)


〜を貼りつける     滴る    挑戦、やりがいのある課題

科学の、科学的な    経験    教育の、教育的な




①   We tried many times, but it did not work.

②   His works are all wonderful.

③   I have a lot of work to do today.

④   They work very hard until late at night.






❺下線部Bが、次の日本語が表す意味になるように、(  )内の語句を並べかえなさい。(2点)







❶ ①scientific  ②educational

③drip  ④stick  ⑤challenge

❷   (あ)①  (い)④

❸ Going

❹   (私たちが)驚いたことに、私たちふたりの体は回転し始めた。

❺ came to believe in our common humanity

moriyama について

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